Investment Guide Available And Available: Life Insurance

This guide goes through all the possibilities to build wealth through savings or to grow existing capital. You will find a wide range of transactions offered by banks, insurance companies or stockbrokers.

Savings booklets: a safe and available investment

Savings booklets: a safe and available investment

Among the two great families of Epargne booklets, there is certainly the one that suits you. The booklets regulated by the State are more profitable, because tax-free , but in the family of bank books offered by Banks, Insurance and Mutuals, some may be more competitive, especially in times of “promotion”.

We have listed most deposit accounts held by financial institutions and regularly update the rate of pay.


Life insurance: the preferred investment of the French

Life insurance: the preferred investment of the French

Despite a heavier taxation than in the past and the erosion of the return of the fund in Euros , life insurance makes it possible to invest one ‘s money in all the sectors of the Economy thanks to the so – called multisupport contracts .

Even with declining inflows, life insurance continues to attract savers. It must be said that it offers the advantage of accessing all financial markets from a single contract and is a good estate tool by allowing the insured to write tailored beneficiary clauses.

The subscription of such contracts however requires a careful reading of the general conditions. In fact, life insurance transactions are often subject to significant costs and at multiple levels:

  • Entrance fees up to 5% of each payment.
  • Arbitration costs, punctured each time the insured changes his support.
  • Outstanding charges that correspond to a percentage of the funds managed by the insurer.

The stock market: all strategies


An investment in the stock market obviously requires more caution than an investment in an Epargne book. While equity portfolios and UCITS are well known to the general public, other forms of stock market investment deserve attention.

For several years we see more and more advertisements encouraging individuals to carry out trading operations. These particularly risky investments allow investors to take an opportunistic position on buy and sell operations on the stock market, but also on many financial instruments such as currencies or futures contracts .

It goes without saying that one can not improvise trading overnight and that the job requires strong economic and financial bases as well as perfect control of the workings of the stock market .


Housing savings: investing in order to buy a home

Housing savings: investing in order to buy a home

Formerly the number one French investment, home savings has become less attractive since the sharp drop in interest rates. It is possible that the redesign of the Housing Savings Plan of March 2011 gives it a new impetus.

The ELP makes it possible to build up capital at acceptable rate conditions ( 2% since 1 February 2015 ) with some constraints (duration of 4 years, regular savings) but will not allow to obtain an attractive loan rate compared to what the banks are proposing at the moment.

As for the CEL , if it allows to benefit from 18 months of a loan on attractive terms, it is not very generous during the savings phase since the rate of return is currently 0.75% (without the State Premium).

Gold: the safe haven

Gold: the safe haven

In the past, the gold standard was the unit of the country ‘s monetary system . Today the yellow metal remains a safe haven for individuals … and states, especially in times of economic crisis.

The surge in prices must, however, encourage caution. Nevertheless, investment in gold can be considered in a diversification strategy and is an alternative to deposit accounts.

It also offers a wide choice between ingots and the many coins that circulate on the market. You will find a number of practical tips to overcome certain pitfalls and make a successful purchase.

Place in jewelry

Place in jewelry

The placement in jewelry remains special and does not always meet objective criteria. It is often largely an investment that is a choice of heart. Nevertheless, whatever the motivation, it is essential to be able to choose objects of value and appreciate the market value .

Banking products

Under this name, we find all the investments offered by traditional banks, but also by online banks such as term accounts or different payment methods such as credit card or checkbook .

Term accounts are an excellent way to invest capital in the short term . They consist of a contract between the investor and the banker whereby the two parties agree on conditions of remuneration and duration. This is a single premium and each deposit must be the subject of a new account


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