If the credit card is good or bad, I do not know anymore I want one! It sounds funny, but that’s what my niece told me the other day. In the early days of trade, when the barter came, there was no money, just exchange of goods for another, later appeared in the currency, to facilitate and broaden the process of buying and selling, later appeared on paper ballots, which make it possible to load and store lots of money, lightweight and in small places. Today we already have at our disposal plastic money, a lot of money in just one card. The inseparable, old and good credit card.


Benefits of Credit Cards

Benefits of Credit Cards


This is how the economic world moves, creating alternatives to facilitate the means of buying and selling, and without doubt the credit card is an excellent example of this. With it we can carry out all types of purchases, from food and clothing to durable products such as televisions, refrigerators, etc … This product allows us to even make purchases online and by phone. Nothing is easier and more practical than choosing a product online, enter your magic card number and you’re done. The purchase is made.

But if such a credit card is so good , why do many people still find it difficult to use it? Well, credit card, just like conventional money, should be used consciously and responsibly. We must not forget that the expenses on the card must be consistent with the possibilities of payment of each person.

The card should be viewed as a facility, which enables the user to make purchases, payments, movements safely, without having to have money in hand. This product gives us practicality with security, because if you lose money on the street or are robbed, for example, you will not be able to get the money back, but the card can only call the operator and cancel without any charges.

The credit card, however can sometimes be villain, in these cases the card is bad, just use it incorrectly, without planning and ready, is done the damage. Any purchase made on the credit card and not paid on time will have on it interest charges that are usually astronomical. If you need to choose what to pay, pay the credit card first as it is one of the most costly debts you can have. Avoid paying only the minimum, as the rest of the amount will be interest-based, and your account will only increase. Think of the card as before in the parceling meats, considering that you should always pay the entire invoice, at the correct expiration.

We must also be careful with the information contained in it and keep it safe, since many sites and stores accept purchases without confirmation of other data, in addition to the card number, ie if you lose the card or someone malicious you have access to it , you could be at a loss.

Nowadays, however, the credit card administrators are smarter and more attentive to customer movements, when they identify some movement that escapes the usual expenses, blocks the card and contacts the customer to ascertain the authenticity of the purchase.

Whoever does not have, has had or will have, is inevitable, is the evolution of paper money as we know it giving way to plastic money and then digital money, then it is up to us customers to enjoy the best possible of these benefits, without an illusion that credit cards multiply our money, but give space to take advantage of all the facilities that it provides us.