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    The value of housing in Spain has increased by 3.6 from 1997 to 2007, which corresponds to the real estate boom. According to the study in 1998 was necessary to use the 5-year average salary to buy a house of 90 m2, while in 2007 it was necessary 12 years.

    Responsible for 84% of the increase in housing prices during the boom was the price of land, compared to rising prices of the building that represented only 16%. The Basque Country is the region where the expensive price of land has more impact on the price of housing with 91% of the total, said Ezequiel Uriel, director of the report.

    The autonomous communities that offer the greatest capital stock of housing with 53% in Spain in 2007 were Catalonia (993,395,000), Comunidad de Madrid (928,782,000) and Andalusia (771,522,000). On the other hand, Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla are the regions where it has increased the value of housing between 1998 and 2007.

    During the period that has lasted the housing bubble, housing prices have grown at an average annual rate of 12% as did the CPI to 2.9% annually. The most populated municipalities (more than 100 000 inhabitants) and the coastal present higher prices.

    The Community of Madrid is the region with the 2007 housing price per square meter high (3,221 per m2) and the lowest price we found in Extremadura to 887 per m2).

    Francisco Perez, director of the Ivie, wanted to point out that “have to analyze the consequences of a housing bubble of this magnitude has had on the growth pattern and learn from it, since the rate of housing production has led to a surplus and now must adjust. “Both experts agree that the housing boom could happen again but do not venture to predict when.

    All data in this study appear in the monograph “The capital stock of housing in Spain and its geographical distribution (1900-2007), directed by Ezequiel Uriel, a professor at the University of Valencia and Ivie researcher and conducted in collaboration with Carlos Albert, Eva and Vincent Benages Cucarella, Ivie technicians.

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